Nicaragua Money


The currency is called the córdoba (NIO, C$). Coins are of 5, 10, 25, 50 centavos, and C$1, C$5, C$10. Banknotes are of C$10, C$20, C$50, C$100, C$200 and C$500.

Most places accept dollars but make sure you have some cordobas handy. Nearly all banks exchange dollars to cordobas but lines are often long, and you may have to use your credit card rather than bank card, or you can use ATMs or some exchange stores, such as in Managua, money changers can be found near Pizza Valentis in Los Robles, beside the Dominos Pizza near the BAC Building, and in the Artesania area of Mercado Huembes among other places. However, the most convenient option is change it in the airport.


Tipping is not obligatory. Generally, baggage handlers tip US $1. 00 per bag, restaurants and other services tip 10-15%.

Tax Refund

Value-added tax (IGV) is 15% on all purchases.