Nicaragua Culture

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Nicaraguan culture deeply influenced by European culture, but also influenced by Amerindian sounds and flavors.

Music is one of the most representative of the culture. It is a mixture of indigenous and European, especially Spanish, influences, and the most distinctive of Nicaragua musical instruments is marimba. The Garifuna community is known for its popular music called Punta. In addition, Nicaragua has wide international influence on the music arena such as Bachata, Merengue, Salsa and Cumbia. The Caribbean coast of Nicaragua is known for a dance music called Palo de Mayo which is popular throughout the country. It is especially loud and celebrated during the Palo de Mayo festival in May.

In the literature, the "Father of Modernism", Rubén Darío is regarded as the most important literary figure in Nicaragua. The satirical drama El Güegüense is regarded as one of Latin America's most distinctive colonial-era expressions. Also, it is one of the oldest indigenous theatrical/dance works of the Western Hemisphere, and recognized by UNESCO as "a patrimony of humanity".

There are two popular sports in Nicaragua. One is baseball, especially Dennis Martínez who was the first baseball player from Nicaragua to play in Major League Baseball. The second is boxing, such as Alexis Argüello and Ricardo Mayorga among others has had world champions.