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The diversity of France makes it impossible to find all this country in a visit. Each region looks and feels different, has its own style of architecture, its own characteristic food and often its own dialect. It owns the world-class art and architecture with outstanding museums and Roman temples.

There are so many places to visit for its famous pastoral tranquillity , extraordinary history and outstanding art, from the fretted coasts of Brittany and lushly wooded valleys of the Dordogne to the half-moon bays of Corsica, and the gentle meadows of the Loire valley , from the Roman monuments and Gothic cathedrals to the prehistoric cave paintings and the cutting-edge architeture.

Fashion has been an important industry and cultural export of France since the 17th century, and modern "haute couture" originated in Paris in the 1860s. Today, Paris, along with London, Milan, and New York City, is considered one of the world's fashion capitals, and the city is home or headquarters to many of the premier fashion houses.

With its international reputation for fine dining, There are many places to try French food in France, from three-star Michelin restaurants to French "brasseries" or "bistros" . French cuisine is also regarded as a key element of the quality of life and the attractiveness of France.