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New Year’s Day-Jan. 1st

Spring Festival(Chinese New Year)-1st day of 1st lunar month

Lantern Festival-15th day of 1st lunar month

Zhonghe Festival-2nd day of 2nd lunar month

International Women’s Day-Mar. 8th

Arbor Day-Mar. 12th

Qingming Festival(Chinese Memorial Day)-Apr. 5th

Labour Day-May. 1st

Youth Day-May. 4th

Children’s Day-Jun. 1st

Dragon Boat Festival-5th day of 5th lunar month

CPC Founding Day-Jul. 1st

China National Maritime Day-Jul. 11th

Army Day-Aug. 1st

Double Seven Festival-7th day of 7th lunar month

Spirit Festival(Ghost Festival)-15th day of 7th lunar month

Mid-Autumn Festival(Moon Festival)-15th day of 8th lunar month

Victory over Japan Day-Sep. 3rd

Memorial Day-Sep. 30th

Chongyang Festival-9th day of 9th lunar month

Nanking Massacre Memorial Day-Dec. 13th