China Entertainment

Shanghai and Beijing have world-class nightlife scenes, with an eclectic array of international restaurants, bars, cocktail lounges, live music venues and nightclubs heaving until the early hours. Outside the cosmopolitan cities, evening entertainment tends to be restricted to restaurants, karaoke parlours and gaming halls, where people gather to play cards, snooker and mahjong. Increasingly, bars at newly built international hotels are other possible options but they tend to be harder on the wallet. In general the tourists to larger cities can sample something of the culture with visits to Chinese opera, circus, ballet and theatre. Karaoke is very popular countrywide, with some karaoke venues offering over 100 private rooms, dinner buffets and 24-hour service. Traditional local music and dancing is often found in areas where there are strong ethnic minority groups, notably in provinces including Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi and Sichuan. Out in the countryside, the nightlife tends to be restricted to traditional dances and drinking to celebrate special occasions, or on an ordinary night, evenings spent playing cards or watching television.