Argentina Safety

Argentina has the highest traffic mortality rate in South America, and included some unfortunate tourists. Pedestrians should exercise extreme caution. Do not jaywalk if you do not feel comfortable, and always keep your eyes about you when crossing the street.

As in any large city, certain particular neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires and other cities are very dangerous. Ask trusted locals for advice. Pay attention to your environment and trust your instincts. If an area seems questionable, leave. Watch out for pickpockets in the subway and on crowded city streets. Never hang your purse or bag from the back of your chair in a cafe or restaurant - stealthy theft from such bags is common. Keep your purse or backpack on the floor between your legs while you eat.

Ambulance: 107

Firemen: 100

Police: 101

Tourist Police: (011) 4346-5748 / 0800-999-5000